All lives have turning points. Before leaving a much loved, high profile and successful career, I wondered who I would be without my job. Instead I thrived; the freedom and flexibility to spend quality time with those closest to me, to improve my health and well-being, and to nurture my creativity, surprised and delighted me.

The death of my husband ruptured my heart, my sense of safety and well-being, and my future. Who would I be now? Instead it was the catalyst for me realising a lifelong dream to write. Meaning and passion returned, as I started creating books in the peace and harmony of my new haven – fondly known as the garden of my delights.

For my forays into fiction, into creating characters, where better to start than to draw down upon our own character. For as long as I can remember there have been two faces to this woman – the private and the public faces, but when the third incarnation appeared a few years ago, it was time to give these quite distinct personalities, my alter egos, names – Chris, Christine and Chrissie.

Writing allows me to explore these dimensions, these facets of my personality.

Chrissie in the garden of delights.