This is a tale about many phantoms – the real, imagined and ethereal – that haunt us all.  And about the phantoms who live in the darkest recesses of the mind, often lurking behind beautiful facades. A world where some masks can’t be seen.


Phantoms is a fast-paced story set in the sumptuous Paris Opera House – with all its secrets and rivalries – and pays tribute to the beauty of the human voice.  Against that is the stark reality of temptation, ghosts and visions, torture and cruelty, guilt, remorse and damnation – and, in the end, salvation.


This was a stunning take on the original Phantom of the Opera – one of my favorite stories and operas. I was thrilled to find the cast of characters: Eric, Christine, Carlotta – and life at the Paris Opera Garnier at the turn of the century was beautifully described. The writing was excellent, drawing me into the tale, first from Eric’s point of view, then Carlotta’s, and Christine’s. The story took twists and turns as the tale unfolds. Eric is a serial killer hiding in the tunnels beneath the opera – Carlotta is insanely jealous and is seduced by Eric, Christine is a prima donna with the voice of an angel, and as their destinies collide, the ending seems inevitable. With the backdrop the Opera “Macbeth”, the story is absolutely captivating. A must read for anyone who loves The Phantom of the Opera.


This was a brilliant new take on The Phantom of the Opera. As a fan of the original story, I’m absolutely thrilled at how well Leon and Anthony brought new life to a classic story. The characters had beautiful depth, and I felt like I was stepping right into the story. The story moved along smoothly, with plenty of twists to keep the reader engaged. The intertwining of Macbeth above with the Phantom below was wonderful. Highly recommend for fans of the original phantom!


One of my favorite parts of this fast-paced novel is the voice behind the storytelling. It had me captivated from the beginning. The story takes place in the Paris Opera House and there are plenty of secrets that get revealed. It’s certainly a story that I would recommend.